Frequently Asked Questions

Is your office located in Alaska and are all of your operators in Alaska?
Yes, we are located in mid-town Anchorage and all of our operators are on site.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No, the contract you sign requires that you give only 30 days notice to cancel service.
Are the messages you send to us via email or text HIPPA compliant?
Yes, emails and texts can be sent to our clients encrypted upon request.
Can we forward our phones to you with little or no notice?
Yes, you can forward your phones to us whenever you like and take them back whenever you like.
I own a towing company and we dispatch to our drivers by hand held radio. Can you handle this function for us?
Yes, just provide us with a radio and our operators can handle the dispatching.
Can you send our emails, faxes or texts to multiple places?
We can add as many text numbers, fax numbers or email addresses to your distribution list as you like.

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