Primary Industries Served

Towing/Courier Services
We provide answering and dispatch services to a number of towing and courier companies. This includes taking all of the caller’s information, pickup and delivery locations and billing information. We will dispatch the call to your employee(s) via text, email, fax, client supplied radio or just a simple phone call. Are you a snow plowing or sanding company? We can provide service to you too!
Property Management
Whether you own a couple of rental properties or a property management company with dozens of properties, we can provide you with round the clock service. Let us take your rental inquiries during business hours, or lunch or staff meetings. More importantly, we can provide service for your after hours maintenance issues. Just provide us with your instructions and on call personnel information, and we will see that your tenants receive the courteous and professional service they come to expect and that their concerns are passed according to your instructions.
This industry accounts for 50% of SwitchBoard Alaska’s business. We provide answering service to offices, both big and small, from OBGYN to Hospice and Home Health. We can answer your phones at any time during normal business hours and, of course, after hours and weekends. Experiencing a power outage? We have an on-site generator so we continue to answer your phones until the power is back up. Want your messages by pager, text, fax, email or phone call? We can do it!
HIPAA compliance: With all of the new regulations now in place to protect the patients health information, (PHI), we can provide you with the comfort and protection of knowing that all of our operators are trained in HIPAA compliance. All of your information is safe. We can send your messages to you via encrypted text to your smart phone or encrypted emails. All 100% safe!
Why not have us be your virtual receptionist? We have attorneys that do just that. We can handle all of your incoming calls and pass them to you according to your instructions.
Why pay your employees to be up at all hours for emergency calls? If you are an owner operator, why get calls in the middle of the night or lose calls while on another job? Let us process your calls and pass only those calls you desire. Routine calls, we can email or fax to you. Emergency calls, we can call you or your on call person for immediate service to your customer. You set the parameters.

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